I dont think so Steve

I don't think i'll let Apple know that a) my iphone is cracked, b) is called jesuswalks and c) has tasteless early nineties rock on it. They might start tailoring personalised ad messages and i don't think i'd like the cut of their jib (anyone recall My Tivo Thinks I'm Gay?)


Blogger alan said...

Ooh, nice iPhone name. I think I'm gonna rename mine "Elvislives" and maybe we can get a bit of a theme going.

Hey Ollie: how do you like, "Jamesbrowngetsonup"?

2:00 PM  
Anonymous oliverw said...

hahah - I like it!
Sorry, it's Friday afternoon and I can't think of anything creative to say... Time for a beer!

6:16 PM  
Anonymous Best Web Design said...

I think that is a good decision...

3:39 PM  

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